My name is Julián Ballén. Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, I currently live in Madrid, Spain, but my favourites places are forests and lakes, having been attracted by the colors, landscapes and textures offered by the nature. They continue to inspire me today. I love photography since I was 15,  I could get my first camera in 2018 and it very quickly became my passion and adventure.

Obsessed by light and simple, natural beauty, I always seek to capture something beyond what we see – the emotion, feelings, memories that exist in the moment. For me, photography is akin to read a book with your friends, there always is a new chapter to tell.

My photography has taken me on an incredible journey to discover new places and challenges. This journey  has turned into trying to capture the best moment for our eyes.

If you feel a connection with my photographs, please feel free to get in touch to explore the new chapter of my book…